We think of others

TOMARK s.r.o. significantly supports events with an academic, cultural, sports, or social impact organized not only in the domestic region but also events with national or even international scope.

Collaboration with secondary schools and universities (mainly focused on technical and aviation education) – we enable students to perform operational and professional internships under the guidance of experienced professionals in various areas and involve them in solving technical problems. Close cooperation with the Secondary Technical School of Mechanical Engineering in Prešov – year-round rotation of students during regular weekly internships in our company. Participation in research, development, education of students, graduates, and potential employees. Consultation and training assistance for university students in creating and presenting their final bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral theses. Preparation of maintenance centers for aviation technology. Participation in information and presentation events in Prešov (Information Exchange for Elementary School Students, Job Fairs, International Job Fair in Tarnow – Poland). Our company, production program, and most demanded professions were presented to interested parties at these events. Collaboration with the Office of Labor, Social Affairs, and Family – we allow registered unemployed graduates of universities to perform graduate internships in our company and gain professional skills and practical experience.

We realize that supporting a good idea is the right thing to do, so we are happy to cooperate in various ways to help various civic associations, voluntary or charitable organizations.

We also understand the difficult situation of people around us from various social groups, and if it is even remotely possible, we try to lend a helping hand and assist those in need, or those who are often reliant on our help. After all, helping is simply human. For a long time, we have been supporting events of various civic associations, such as the Integration Association – “The Sun Shines Equally for All Children” (The Integration project represents the ability to connect the world of adults and children. It allows us to enter their fragile world and show the way to mutual tolerance and understanding).

Production of welded structures and various components according to customer specifications.
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