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The company TOMARK s.r.o. has a rich history that dates back to 1995. We are specialists in the field of machining, forming and splitting of solid material as well as manufacturing welded structures and components. From production preparation to finalization, we take care of every step of the production process. The products we have supplied to our customers are successfully used in the automotive industry, transport systems, agriculture and the energy industry.

We deliver products to our customers according to their requirements and wishes, which often require an individual solution and must be in exact accordance with the supplied drawing documentation. However, if necessary, we also offer our own design solutions. We are constantly adapting to the growing needs and demands of customers as well as progressive modern trends, therefore we are constantly expanding the portfolio of offered products and solutions. Production activities of TOMARK s.r.o. are carried out in five production halls with a total area of approximately 20,000 m2.

We place great emphasis on the abilities and efficiency of our employees’ work. They are constantly trained and motivated to apply all principles of quality management, thanks to which the company TOMARK s.r.o. a long-time owner of the ISO 9001:2015 certificate. All production processes are supervised by independent employees of the quality control department. The result is a smooth and efficient production process with a significant emphasis on ensuring accuracy, time compliance and compliance with internationally valid standards.

As a production company, we are also aware of our social responsibility, which is why we strongly support events with an academic, cultural, sports or social impact at the regional and national level. We have also significantly reduced the energy consumption of our buildings and are making significant investments in greening production processes and reducing the amount of waste generated. If you are looking for a reliable supplier for complex services in the field of machining, forming and splitting of solid material, or the production of welded structures and components, contact us and join our existing satisfied customers.

Ing. Daniel Tomko, CEO


Spracovanie materiálov: pálenie, strihanie, rezanie, ohýbanie, plošné tvárnenie tzv. delenie materiálu podľa deliacich plánov

Production of components

In the production preparation operation, we process the delivered solid material and make parts and semi-finished products from it for further production. This involves burning, shearing, cutting, bending and sheet metal forming, the so-called division of material according to cutting plans.

Zváračské, montážne a zámočnícke práce, povrchová úprava.

Welding and assembly work

We provide a wide range of manufacturing services: in addition to trailers-subassemblies production for the automotive industry, we also specialize in manufacturing components for agricultural machinery, as well as producing pressure vessels and water tanks. We also offer welding, surface treatment, and locksmithing services.


In the tool shop, we produce pressing, welding and drilling fixtures with high precision and quality. We offer construction and production of parts, repairs and maintenance of tools, designed to work with solid materials. The goal is effective support of production processes with modern technologies.

Letecká výroba TOMARK AERO, návrh, vývoj a výroba lietadiel Viper SD4 a Skyper GT9

Design, development and production of aircrafts

In the TOMARK AERO division, we design, develop and manufacture ultralight sports aircrafts Viper SD4 and Skyper GT9, suitable for travel, flight training or adventure flying. During their design, development and production, we pay careful attention to every detail with an emphasis on quality. These aircrafts are the result of the creative work of aviation experts and use many new cutting-edge technologies.

Obrábacie práce, strojné súčiastky a dielce, trieskové obrábanie

Machining work

In the engineering workshop, we specialize in the production of various machine components and parts. One part of production is abrasive machining, including turning, milling, and drilling, which allows for precise and efficient processing of materials. In addition, we also manufacture parts for so-called weldments, which are used in the welding of structures and ensure their strength and reliability.

Obrábacie práce, strojné súčiastky a dielce, trieskové obrábanie

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Production of welded structures and various components according to customer specifications.
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