Shaping machines and press brakes


Durma AD-S 40400


Press force 400 tons; bending length 4000 mm    


 2 x Durma AD-S 30320


Press force 300 tons; bending length 4000 mm


Durma CNC HAP 30200


Press force 200 tons; bending length 3000 mm


Durma - E 30200


Press force 200 tons; bending length 3000 mm


PYE 160 SIM press


1600 kN; working pressure 16 MPa; speed 200 mm/s (down), 125 mm/s (up); displacement 500 mm                                                                                              


LEK 45 LEDA 4 press


Eccentric press 40; Shaping force 45 tons


HRB-4 2006 plate roll


(4 rolls); maximum bend length 2050 mm; maximum bend thickness 6 mm and in the case of pre-bending 4 mm



         PBh60 hydraulic

           profile rolls                                                   


Roll diameter 177 mm; shaft diameter 60 mm. In their standard model, the rolls are equipped with a basic control unit with a digital reading of the positions of the bottom rollswith buttons for the positioning of the bottom rolls, and with the drive of all rolls